States are working to ban cultivated meat. Here’s how to get involved.

February 22, 2024

States are working to ban cultivated meat. Here’s how to get involved.

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As excitement grows in the cultivated meat industry, so does the spotlight on it. With increasing worries about animal welfare, climate change, and public health, many see cultivated meat as a promising solution to help feed our growing and warming world.


However, in Florida, two bills have been introduced that could significantly impact the availability of cultivated meat within the state – going so far as to criminalize the production, sale, or consumption of cultivated meat.


Call Florida representatives to let them know about the dangers of cultivated meat bans. While all calls are helpful, reps are most interested in hearing from citizens of their state, so if you or someone you know lives in Florida, please pick up the phone!

Script to call Florida Legislators:


  • Start with a Greeting and Introduction: “Good [morning/afternoon], my name is [Your Name], I hope this call finds you well. I am hoping to speak to [Representative Name].
    • Note: if the Representative is unavailable, the legislative aide works too.
  • State the Purpose of the Call: I’m calling to discuss a matter of significant concern to me and many Floridians. On the House side, it’s H.B 1071. On the Senate side, it’s S.B. 1084. Both criminalize the sale and manufacture of cultivated meat.

Main Points:

  • Express Concern: We are deeply concerned about this legislation, as it directly impacts the growing protein biotech research, which has the potential to be an important part of Florida’s agricultural future.
  • Highlight the Benefits of Cultivated Meat. Cover any of these topics that concern you.
    • Protein Demand:
      • Meat demand is the highest that it’s ever been and it’s projected to nearly double globally by 2050. Cultivated meat aims to help meet that demand.
      • This legislation will hinder research, innovation and economic growth in Florida. The University of Florida currently conducts cultivated meat research and this legislation would send a big signal against that research.
    • Banning the sale and manufacture of cultivated meat limits consumer choice and denies Floridians access to the foods they may want. We believe that choices about food should be made by consumers, not the government.
    • Cultivated meat is safe. The two companies currently approved for sale of cultivated meat in the US, UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat, sells cultivated meat, and our product underwent a very rigorous safety review by the FDA and USDA. The USDA has inspectors onsite at our facility to make sure the products are safe.
  • This bill indirectly helps foreign foreign powers dominate this sector, which could overtake the U.S. as the global leader in alternative proteins.
    • Other countries recognize this projected protein shortage, and have identified the alternative protein sector — and cultivated meat in particular — as strategically critical.
    • We are in a protein arms race, and to cede this industry to foreign countries is to cede the ability for the US to feed the world. Food security is national security, and the country that controls the world’s food supply is the country that controls the world. Source


  • Make the ask clear: We respectfully urge you to oppose this provision and strike the language from the bill. 
  • Thank them: Thank you for considering our perspective on this important issue. We are more than willing to provide further information or discuss this matter in more detail if it would be helpful.
  • End the call politely: We appreciate your time and attention to this matter. Thank you for your service to the state of Florida. Have a great day.
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