COP28: What to Expect, Why It Matters, and Why You Should Give a Cluck

December 8, 2023

COP28: What to Expect, Why It Matters, and Why You Should Give a Cluck

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COP28 could change the way we treat the world. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming conference.

The future of our planet is in our hands… we just have to do something about it. That’s the mission of COP28 – an environmental forum convening from November 30-December 12, 2023 in Dubai.

As a mission-driven brand, our goals and objectives align closely with those of COP28. At UPSIDE, we’re not only growing meat directly from animal cells, we’re also taking a proactive approach to the way we treat the planet. Let’s dive into some of the most pressing questions that are surfacing about the conference and go over why you should give a cluck about this major event.

What is COP28 and why should it matter to me?

COP28 is not just another international gathering; it’s an opportunity for world leaders, environmental activists, and policymakers to collaborate and figure out how we can build a better future. 

For you, as an individual and as a member of the global community, COP28 matters because it signifies a collective effort to tackle the pressing issues facing our world (our home!)

What does COP28 have to do with UPSIDE?

*Drumroll please*

A lot.

At UPSIDE, we believe in the power and potential that can come when dedicated visionaries join together to create and share ideas. COP28 could be exactly what we need: a catalyst to bring us closer to saving the earth, protecting animals, and providing for future generations.

And as a company committed to expanding our food supply while minimizing resource usage, we’re particularly excited about the emphasis on sustainable and diverse food options at this year’s conference. Because one thing is clear: food systems are central to climate change. 

If we really want to protect our environment and our future, we have a big opportunity to do that by looking closer at our plates and questioning how our food got there. Around one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity can be attributed to the way we produce, process and package food, with animal agriculture contributing 14.5% of that. Despite this impact, many of the most promising solutions remain underfunded and are less understood.

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Uma Valeti, will be joining in on the conversations at COP28 to ensure cultivated meat and the opportunity to improve how meat makes it to tables remain top of mind. He’ll be taking the stage to discuss how we can transform the global meat industry and our food system through cultivated meat. He will also be joining a panel that explores how we can continue to feed a growing population while meeting the needs of our planet.

What changes do we hope to see as a result of COP28?

At COP28, our aspirations for progress include:

  • Increased Recognition and Funding for Sustainable Food & Ag Innovations: We aim to see governments lend more support and funding towards cultivated meat and other agri-food solutions. 
  • Policy Advocacy: We hope to see the establishment of policies championing the widespread adoption of cultivated meat and other sustainable food solutions. 
  • International Harmonization: We hope to see progress towards international regulatory systems that complement each other. This harmonization will pave the way for free trade, global supply chain development, and the interconnectedness of a new protein supply chain.
  • Education and Consumer Awareness: A key outcome we aim for is an enhanced spotlight on food and cultivated meat. 

We recognize that achieving these goals will take time. But that’s why it’s crucial to bring these conversations to the forefront now!

What can I do to get involved?

While COP28 brings a lot of powerful people together, it’s important to remember the power that you, as a consumer, have in shaping the future of our planet. 

Next time you eat a meal, take a moment to consider how the food on your plate got there. Stay informed by actively following COP discussions on social media and in the news. Be vocal in celebrating progress and shedding light on areas that demand change. Advocate for long-term, sustainable solutions. And, of course, spread the word about cultivated meat and why you’re excited about its potential! 

Your curiosity and voice can play a meaningful role in building a greener, brighter future. Together, one bite at a time, we can make a difference and build a more sustainable and humane world.